Oil and Gas Survey
On-Site Surveying

Our experienced team uses the latest technology for fast and accurate data collection to ensure a proper fit in the field to prevent mistakes costing our customers time and money.

Industrial Insulation Design
2D/3D Design & Custom Fabrication

Our designers use the latest 2D/3D software to model our jackets, enabling us to get an in-depth view to troubleshoot the end product before it reaches our clients.

Insulation Installer
Certified Installers

Our installers have years of experience in the industry working closely with our customers to ensure safety & product satisfaction with each installation. 



PCI was established in 1986 by Alan Ester and has remained a family owned and operated company ever since. Alan’s oldest son, Adam Ester began working in the shop in 1998 and has been a part of all aspects of the company over the last 20 years. After leading the business for over 30 years, Alan retired, and Adam has taken over the company as the President. Adam has a wonderful team working with him, some who have been with the company for over 18 years.

PCI is a leading manufacturer of Certified Passive Fire Protection, taking great pride in the customization, design and installation of products globally, both Onshore and Offshore. Our product line also includes Industrial Insulation and Heat Tracing, lead by our experienced team. In addition to these products, we are happy to work with our customers for specific custom needs as well. We have even gone as far as constructing fully submersible PFP Jackets on an FPSO’s quick disconnect riser lines to fire and blast protection corridors for platform life boats.





"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people. I am fortunate to have a staff working alongside me that is more like family. We collaborate work together to ensure each of our customers needs are met and lasting impressions are made"


Adam Ester, President & CEO

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ISO 22899-2
Jet Blast Fire Test
OTI 95-634
Jet Blast Fire Test
UL 1709
Hydrocarbon Pool Fire Test


Q: When was PCI founded?
A: PCI was founded in 1986 by Alan Ester.
Q: Where is PCI located?
A: We are located at 17803 Grant Road; Cypress, TX; 77429
Q: In what territories does PCI supply?
A: PCI is a global product and service provider for all Onshore and Offshore equipment, including Refineries. 
Q: How long does it take to get a quote from PCI and what information is needed?
A: We can usually provide a quote back to you in 24-48 hours, depending on the complexity of the RFQ. We would need any specifications of the equipment, all measurements and any drawings or renderings you may have. 
Q: Does PCI outsource any work?
A: All of our design, manufacturing and installation is handled by our trained and qualified employees. 
Q: Who do I contact for more information?
A: Contact for further information on all of our products and services.
Q: Do you have Third-Party Certifications?
A: Our ProSol line of products have multiple certifications from Lloyds, DNV and ABS.
Q: Do you offer a warranty?
A: All of our products have a standard 1 year warranty, and longer terms are offered upon request.
Q: What are common applications for your Removable/Reusable Jackets?
A: Gas Compression Skids, Heat Exchangers, Separators, Valves, Actuators, Flanges, Piping and Instrumentation, Process Vessels, Wellheads, Rise Tensioners, Christmas Trees, Cable Trays, Bulkheads, Penetration Seals, and more. 
Q: What is the integrity of your system?
A: We understand that our jackets will be exposed to some of the harshest conditions while in operation, which is why we have designed each piece for every scenario that might be encountered. The chemical resistance of each piece is unmatched and our materials are completely unaffected by most chemicals they will likely come in contact with during their service life. Examples include, Kerosene, Diesel Fuel, Acids, Naphtha, Jet Fuels, Saltwater, Crude Oil and Gasoline.
Q: What is the life expectancy of you products?
A: We currently have many Offshore jackets that have been in place for over 10 years and jackets on Refineries that have been in place for over 15 years. We even have installed jackets in Canada and Alaska where exposed temperatures get to -35C, that are still in place.
Q: Can you manufacture your jackets in different colors?
A: Yes. Our standard color is blue, red or gray however custom colors are available upon request.
Q: Can you make any other custom products upon request?
A: Yes, we will always work with our customers and try to accommodate any needs they may have. We have gone as far as making life boat corridors, covering blast walls, riser tensioners and manifolds.


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Technip FMC
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Spitzer Industries
Hyundai Heavy Industries



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